Anna Fanosyan Designer and founder of Anyuta Couture, found her passion in maternity couture, she was able to take that passion and turn it into something great for all women from all walks of life. There are top-notch fashion trends that just aren't suited for everybody, either because they are plus size or because they are expecting. Anyuta Couture collection not only looks great but it is locally made and cared for stitch by stitch in Glendale, Ca.
Inspiration came from an early age; she wanted to do something more creative, and that creativity has stuck with her and become her biggest passion. She is nowhere near done reaching for the moon as she continues to find new and exciting designs that people around the world are wearing.
Her inspiration comes from her early years as well as the times she is out and about observing what kinds of designs make the woman she sees feel more confident and happy. Not only does the woman who loves her clothing inspire her to reach even further, but her designs have been featured in magazines. This goes to show that this is the next big step in the fashion world.
You can look fabulous no matter where you are or where you are from. Different cultures and customs are also something that she factors in when she is designing her clothes. It really is the next big step in making us all come together in more ways than one.